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Finding Roots & Wings is a Multimedia Storytelling Project that facilitates communication with and between displaced women as they seek to rebuild their lives.

By making space for people to have ownership and agency of their own stories, one of the most powerful ways to promote healing is uncovered. Our workshops provide safe environments for healing moments to come through storytelling.

Our Program:

  • Partners with community groups and organizations dedicated to helping women find a sense of home when they are so far from home.
  • Enhances marketable skills and encourages forms of self-expression
  • Seamlessly supports any existing promotional plans for the organization that protects and nurtures the participants.
  • Cultivates a global community through international traditions of storytelling.

Refugee women in Nairobi created a promotional multimedia piece illustrating traditional crafts from home. The workshops are designed to not only share ideas and skills of multimedia promotion and storytelling, but also to find a way to facilitate communication. 

Past Collaborations:





Healing through Storytelling:
Wonderful surprises come from connecting person to person, woman to woman and story to story.