Alexandra launched into photography in search of light and movement, creating promotional materials for dancers and dance companies to express the essence of motion in a still image. Her photography has since evolved to encompass all facets of life and cultures around the world. 

This quest to connect took Alexandra from Haiti to China, from Kenya to the Serbian border – to eleven countries in five continents. She found that wonderful surprises come from connecting person to person, woman to woman and story to story. She established as a foundational principle for all her projects that the people depicted in the portraits were active participants and always able to represent themselves as they wish. 

Experience with migrant women led Alexandra to found Finding Roots & Wings, a nonprofit organization devoted to gathering stories of displaced women as they work to rebuild their lives. It is dedicated to encouraging a sense of community beyond language and cultural barriers, and to using the healing power of storytelling. Finding Roots & Wings began with a very successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016 and continues under the aegis of its nonprofit fiscal sponsor, Social Good Fund.

In addition to her humanitarian photography, Alexandra is co-founder of two photography studios, one focused on lifestyle portraits based in New York and the second specializing in promotional portraits and media campaign development internationally.