Rebuilding Family Albums

Partnering with community groups and organizations to connect with families and children as they rebuild their lives. Portrait sessions offered a safe space for women and children to reclaim ownership of their stories, portray a positive self image and witness their own strengths from within. The portraits are imaged, printed and returned to the families.

"Mwen te rankontre yon fanm vanyan, yon fanmsaj, k ap travay nan kominoté a jis deyò Jacmel, Ayiti. 

Camp Bwa Vital, Jacmel Haiti 2012

I was traveling throughout Haiti partnering with artists and grassroots organizations, and, documenting the work they do through portraiture. I was also traveling for a personal project where I was taking family portraits and then printing them out for the families to keep. This was a new kind of trip for me, a more comfortable collaboration between me, the photographer, and the subjects, to take a portrait that was for both of us.


L'Orphelinat Venez Enfants et Vivez Mieux

Carrefour, Haiti  January 2012