Ripple Effects

Sculpting workshops based on principles of collaboration with a nurturing environment. Facilitating communication skills that can inspire a sense of community beyond barriers and borders. Building first person narratives and portrait sessions offer a stage of self expression that renders a positive self-image and confidence. Healing through storytelling.


"I don't know, maybe there is more in front of me--that I'm gonna get to learn, more and more. This is not the end of the world and this is not the only place that I am gonna get to see. There are so many places.."

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Fallon & Solange

Fallon and Solange are dear friends who met in the safe-house of Heshima Kenya. They shared a joyful recording about their friendship.

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"I am deaf, so it is hard to talk with others who can hear. We have to work to advance our ideas..I never thought about photos..we have happiness and can show that in our photos."

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In our workshop, the women of Heshima design and produce a promotional multimedia piece illustrating traditional crafts from home. 




Read about the experience on Heshima's blog in a piece titled Communicating Beyond Language.